November 9, 2010

New to my etsy

I finished this diaper bag up on Saturday morning and just got some pictures of it this morning. This is the same fabric as the first bag I made, I just love it! This is one that I wouldn't mind so much if it didn't sell, wink wink. On Sunday I made the blanket, and then yesterday I made three rick rack burpies from the extra fabric. The blanket is flannel and chenille with a satin binding. The burpies are also flannel and chenille, but with a rick rack edge. All so girlie, Ted asked me if we were having a daughter he didn't know about!

All items are listed on my etsy store for purchase.
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Anne Leigh said...

Really Really love the blanket, burpees and bag! I love the little pocket inside the diaper bag, wish I would have thought of that for mine. :) I hope you have a girl! :)

Nicholle said...

Thanks! The little pocket came about because I didn't have enough of the fabric to do anything else and I didn't want to leave it plain!

Wynter said...

I love these!!!! What great colors, craftsmanship, wow. I am impressed. Love it. Going to check out your shop.

Nicholle said...

Thank you so much!