November 19, 2010

Three years ago.

My life changed forever, when little Trevor was born. He is an amazing little boy and I feel so blessed to be his mommy! He is so excited it is his birthday, and we have had a great morning so far. Ted didn't go to work until after Trevor was awake and had opened his presents, and we just finished a yummy breakfast of Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (recipe is in the recipe book on the right).

I posted earlier in the week the tent that I made Trevor for his special day, but I hadn't mentioned yet what Ted had made him. With how much Trevor loves to help me in the kitchen (it is very, very rare that I am making something in the kitchen and he isn't right by my side), I really wanted to get him a learning tower. I was all set to order it, but the price was really making me stop and then looking at it, I thought Ted could make it easily. I showed it to him, and he made it! Not only did he make it, but it cost us pretty much nothing as we had the wood and all of the materials already AND it is beautiful! The boys used it out this morning and I told Ted that I LOVE it and wished I had it four years ago!

Here is a peek at Trevor's birthday morning.

 Trevor's birthday cake and my first try with fondant.
(I will be doing a blog entry on the cake soon)


Stacey said...

Your boys are too adorable. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your blog is lovely.
And I love the cake. I can't wait to see the blog entry on it. I'd love to know if it was difficult to work with the fondont.

Nicholle said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I am going to attempt a bit of a harder cake today for his get together tomorrow and then hope to blog about the experience! My boys LOVED the super hero from toilet paper rolls on your blog, we are now on a mission to collect all of the empty toilet paper rolls:)

AUNY said...

That is one GREAT cake! and I LOVE the tent- how cool! Also is Ted thinking about making more of those towers?!-so cool!

Nicholle said...

Thanks Auny! Ted has one request for the tower, I can ask him if he is up for another. It really has been awesome and we have only been using it a few days, totally don't know what I did without it already!