November 1, 2010

What I am sewing

I haven't posted in a while what I have been sewing. This week I have two bags cut out and ready for the machine. I am also working on a puffy quilt, making 64 tiny pillows takes a while! What I have made recently and have not blogged about...I shortened a cape for Landon, I knitted two baby headbands and put felt flowers on one, and need to glue flowers onto the second one. Then I made some headbands for myself.
16 little pillows done, 48 to go (like the extra diaper, it is a GroBaby, for quick diaper changes while I am sewing!)

Ethan trying out the headband, and yes those are oreos. Look at him, all that cuteness, I swear he could get away with anything!
 Sorry about the picture quality, I did call Canon yesterday and am sending my camera in to get repaired. So looking forward to getting it back!

I know this post is worthless without pictures, so I will try to get more pictures up tonight!

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