November 14, 2010

You LET them do that?!

Jump on the couch? Why, yes we do. I know that many, okay most, households would not allow such a thing but to those households I ask, "Do you have three BOYS, ages 4, 3 (almost 3!), and 1?!" No. Oh, well then you just wouldn't understand the overload of little boy testosterone that I have going on here. I much prefer jumping on the couch, then a battling match that turns into a punching match! Plus, you can't tell me it doesn't look fun. But don't they get hurt, you ask. YES, it wouldn't be three little boys playing unless someone got hurt! (but they actually didn't get hurt last night, I think it was a first!)

(yes, that is pudding cake on their faces, oh so add chocolate sugar rush as to why they jump on the couch!)

1 comment:

JustCorey said...

i see absolutely nothing wrong with jumping on the couch!

kids learn important things through play.... granted, gravity is one of them :P