November 30, 2010

Tis the Season

Anyone put their christmas tree up yet? Growing up we always put the tree up and decorated it sometime during that long weekend after Thanksgiving, and it is another thing that I still do. Landon spent the day and night at Grandma and Grandpa's house helping my mom set up and decorate a tree (I say a tree, because she has about 3 more to go). I still had two little helpers to set up our tree and decorate it. When you have a three year old and a 18 month old doing most of the decorating, this is what you get. Not bad, and they love it as do I! Now if only I could get this advent garland (that I have envisioned in my head) sewed up before December 1st. I know that is not going to happen, but maybe by December 11th or 12th. At least there would still be some days left to use it this year and then it would be ready for years to come.
 Nice squat, that reminds me that I really need to start working out again...bad!
 Trevor trying to put some up "high"
 Always a ham for the camera!
 Brotherly decorating:)
 Trevor asked to put the star up as soon as I mentioned decorating the tree, can't believe he remembered it from last year!
 So proud!
 Trevor took over the picture taking duties. After this one, he laughs and says "I just got dad's head"
 Now he said, "I got all of you guys, even Ethan!"
I had no idea he snapped one of me vacuuming up the broken ornaments 
(18 month old with glass "ball" as he called it = a good deal of broken glass!)

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