November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday.

I am being a bit nostalgic here, but I sure miss that big 'ol belly.

A couple of day before Landon was born
About a month before Landon was born
About a week before Trevor was born
About a month before Trevor was born
 A couple days before Ethan was born. (tip, don't plant your garden wearing a white shirt...ESPECIALLY if your belly is GIGANTIC!)
 Same day, I seem to have liked the bare belly shots with Ethan.
A month before Ethan was born.
 Just because I can't get over how fast I showed with Ethan. First picture is about 20 wks with Landon, cute little pooch. Second picture is only 16 wks with Ethan, which looks beyond the classification of a pooch but full blown belly already!

So, that wasn't exactly wordless :)
Hmmm, I wonder what picture Ted took ;) 
(almost all the preggo pictures I have of Landon my head is cut off, and that is why I took up self portraits of the next two pregnancies!)

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