November 2, 2010

Little brother

It is my little brother's birthday today. He is turning 17 (which means, shortly I will be 27...WHAT!). I don't want him to turn 20, because that means I will be turning 30. Oh, well not much we can do about that and I guess just have to love live one day at a time no matter what age we are. Back to Sam, it is his 17th birthday and I still can remember the day he was born and going to the hospital and holding him. He was so tiny and perfect, and I am pretty sure it was that very moment that I because "baby crazy". He was the sweetest baby, and I have to admit really loved his big sister. Now his is growing up into a young man, quite hansom I might add, and I still love being his big sister. With us being 10 years apart, we have gone 17 years and have not had one fight or bickered about anything. To celebrate my "baby" brother's birthday, the family and I are over at my parents and going to have super with them. One of our favorite supers. Venison stroganoff. It is deer season here in Iowa, and we do not like to go without deer meat. This stroganoff recipe is amazing and the meat always comes out so tender that it falls apart. I am sitting in the kitchen smelling it cook as I type, and it is making me super hungry. With it being a new month, and a very special birthday month (my Trevor turns 3 this month!!), I think stroganoff is a perfect recipe of the month.
Ethan getting a little snuggle time with uncle Sam

I will post the recipe as soon as my belly is good and full:)

p.s. Sam, I am so proud of you!

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